International Journal of Education & the Arts

Volume 11 Number 8

June 30, 2010

Supporting Novice Teachers of the Arts

Susanne Garvis
Donna Pendergast
Griffith University, Australia

Citation: Garvis, S. & Pendergast, D. (2010). Supporting novice teachers of the arts. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 11(8). Retrieved [date] from
This paper examines and reports on beginning generalist teacher self-efficacy, which Bandura (1997) suggests plays an important part in student outcomes. In 2008, 201 beginning generalist teachers throughout the state of Queensland, Australia, participated in a study that aimed to provide a snapshot of current perceptions towards support in schools for the arts. Beginning teachers were asked to rank their school support for a number of different subjects in the school curriculum and provide written justification for these rankings. Results suggest that beginning teachers perceived a general lack of support for the teaching of the arts in their classroom, compared to English and maths. They reported that schools provided greater financial support, assistance and professional development for the teaching of literacy and numeracy with a view to increase school performance in national testing. Findings provide key insights for school administrators and policy makers for the adequate delivery of arts education in Queensland schools, particularly when this task falls to generalist teachers with little or no subject expertise in the arts.

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