International Journal of Education & the Arts

Volume 11 Portrayal 1

February 14, 2010

Living the Divine Spiritually and Politically
Art, Ritual and Performative Pedagogy in Women's Multi-faith Leadership

Barbara Bickel
Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, U.S.A.

Citation: Bickel, B. (2010). Living the divine spiritually and politically: Art, ritual and performative pedagogy in women's multi-faith leadership. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 11(Portrayal 1). Retrieved [date] from
A/r/tography and mindful inquiry were engaged as primary approaches to assist self and group reflection within a group of fourteen women committed to multi-faith education and leadership in their communities. In a world of increasing religious/political tensions and conflicts this study asks, what is the transformative significance of an arts and ritual-based approach to developing and encouraging women's spiritual and multi-faith leadership? To counter destructive worldviews and practices that have divided people historically, politically, personally and sacredly, the study reinforces the political and spiritual value of women spiritual and multi-faith leaders creating and holding sacred space for truth making and world making. This study led to a renewal of compassionate leadership within many of the women. This study posits that engaging performative pedagogy within a sacred and creative ritual sanctuary, can assist women to lead integrated spiritual and political lives, while building communities that are respectful, embracing of diversity and capable of learning through diversity.

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