Volume 17 Number 32 November 17, 2016

A Case Study on Pupils' Perceptions of Attending a Choral Class: You Get to Know One Another and Reach a Community

Anna Ehrlin
Mälardalen University, Sweden

Citation: Ehrlin, A. (2016). A case study on pupils’ perceptions of attending a choral class: You get to know one another and reach a community. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 17(32). Retrieved from http://www.ijea.org/v17n32/.


Music activities can have a positive impact on pupils' schooling. It is therefore interesting to obtain more knowledge about pupils’ perceptions of different kinds of music activities in school and how these activities affect their schooling. The study was conducted in Sweden at a municipal elementary school where pupils are offered choral lessons three times a week in addition to regular teaching. The aim of the study was to obtain knowledge about pupils' perceptions of attending these choral classes. The results show that the choral singing creates a sense of togetherness. Pupils' learning becomes situated in a practice where everyone is expected to do their best and to contribute to a joint process. These circumstances make the attending pupils to describe their schooling as fun, developing, and instructive.

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