Volume 18 Number 13 April 7, 2017

Making Visual Arts Learning Visible in a Generalist Elementary School Classroom

Susan Wright
The University of Melbourne, Australia

Marnee Watkins
The University of Melbourne, Australia

Gina Grant
The University of Melbourne, Australia

Citation: Wright, S., Watkins, M., & Grant, G. (2017). Making visual arts learning visible in a generalist elementary school classroom. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 18(13). Retrieved from http://www.ijea.org/v18n13/.


This article presents the story of one elementary school teacher’s shift in art praxis through her involvement in a research project aimed at facilitating participatory arts-based communities of practice. Qualitative methods and social constructivism informed Professional Learning Interventions (PLIs) involving: (1) a visual arts workshop, (2) facilitations with academics within the teacher’s classroom context, and (3) semi-structured discussions to study and curate the teacher’s lived experiences. A teacher-facilitator-interviewer triad co-researched the meaning of ‘quality’ in relation to: Learning, Pedagogy, Environment, and Community Dynamics (L-PEC). Adapted from Seidel et. al (2009) L-PEC was a theoretical lens to guide inquiry and action specific to the teacher’s (i.e., Ali’s) classroom. Ali’s evolving praxis served as a source of inspiration for the other Grade 3-4 teachers in her school who formed their own community of practice to support student learning through the visual arts.

Visual Abstract

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