Volume 18 Review 4 August 27, 2017

Beyond Methods: Lessons From the Arts to Qualitative Research

Gordon Cox
University of Reading, UK

Book Reviewed: Bresler, L. (Ed.) (2015). Beyond Methods: Lessons from the Arts to Qualitative Research (Vol. 10 of Perspectives of Music and Music Education). Malmö, Sweden: Malmö Academy of Music. ISBN: 9789198229745.
Citation: Cox, G. (2017). Beyond methods: Lessons from the arts to qualitative research. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 18(Review 4). Retrieved from http://www.ijea.org/v18r4/.


Beyond Methods concerns the world of qualitative research and the power of the arts to influence it. The book comprises an opening essay by Liora Bresler, followed by ten chapters each by different authors who represent dance, music, poetry, storytelling and the visual arts. The chapters are grouped into three sections: The Diverse Kinds of Lessons from the Arts; the Quest of Understanding an ‘Other’ situated in a different culture; Intersections between Research and the Arts to include Educational Practice. The review focuses particularly on the hindrances fieldworkers might encounter, as outlined by Bresler: the ‘automatic pilot’ habit of recognition; subjectivity, and attachment to knowing.

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