Volume 19 Number 14 May 16, 2018

A Collaboration in Care: Re-visioning Teacher-Student Dialogue in Dance Education

Rebecca Gose
University of Georgia, USA

Grace Siemietkowski
George Washington University, USA

Citation: Gose, R. & Siemietkowski, G. (2018). A collaboration in care: Re-visioning teacher-student dialogue in dance education. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 19(14). Retrieved from https://doi.org/10.18113/P8ijea1914


The following narrative recounts a collaborative reflective investigation into pedagogical care using a teacher-student dyad approach. Originating from the student’s inquiry that fulfilled her teacher’s assignment, the ensuing exploration investigates care from both teacher and student perspectives in the classroom and choreographic settings. This concept of care—while not without its challenges and complications—is essential for the development of a healthy dynamic of mutual respect and learning between teachers and students. Supported by Noddings’ ethic of care (Noddings, 2003; Warburton, 2004), the authors examine how a holistic approach fosters open communication between teacher and individual student, allowing a rich collaboration and re-examination of the traditional dance classroom. To reflect the unique dialogical process of this collaboration, the authors have fashioned sections of the paper into divergent formats such as dual narratives and reflective dialogues.

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