Volume 19 Number 6 April 8, 2018

Tweeting at Dr. Faustus: #sdsufaustus

Kelly Casassa
San Diego State University, USA

Marva Cappello
San Diego State University, USA

Dani Bedau
San Diego State University, USA

Peter Cirino
San Diego State University, USA

Citation: Casassa, K., Cappello, M., Bedau, D., & Cirino, P. (2018). Tweeting at Dr. Faustus: #sdsufaustus.International Journal of Education & the Arts, 19(6). Retrieved from https://doi.org/10.18113/P8ijea1906


This qualitative study presents an analysis of how the use of social media can provide opportunities for students to critically analyze complex texts and collaborate with peers. The students participated as active audience members at a theatrical performance of Gertrude Stein’s Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights at a large urban university. The performances included student participation in a live Twitter feed. Data sources included observations of the performances and the collection of Tweets; these were analyzed using thematic analysis methods. Findings indicated that the use of social media provides participants the opportunity to engage in creative expression, co-construct knowledge with peers, create a sense of community, actively engage within the arts, and relate complex text to everyday life.

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