Volume 20 Number 18 October 1, 2019

Project-based Integration of Contemporary Art Forms into Teaching Visual Arts to Primary School Students in the After-School Art Clubs

Nadezda Vladimirova Blagoeva
The University of Helsinki, Finland

Citation: Blagoeva, N.V. (2019). Project-based integration of contemporary art forms into teaching visual arts to primary school students in the after-school art clubs. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 20(18). Retrieved from http://doi.org/10.26209/ijea20n18.


This article addresses issues connected with project-based integrative teaching of visual arts to primary school students attending after-school activities. It explores the pedagogical outcomes of using contemporary art forms and materials for the promotion of collaborative knowledge construction and researches these processes in the classroom from the teacher’s perspective. Contemporary art forms, being integrative in their nature, are viewed as a suitable means of introducing students to the varieties of ways for seeing the world around them and using their knowledge acquired in other subjects for the creation of new original artworks through reusing, remediating and bricolaging recyclable materials for the construction of an art installation. The results of this action research prove that such an approach to visual art teaching encourages collaboration and art appreciation and contributes for the development of the student’s aesthetic awareness in a world where the visual image is dominating all aspects of our lives.

Visual Abstract

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