Volume 21 Number 15 May 26, 2020

Teacher Agency through Duoethnography: Pedagogical DNA in a Community of Learner-Teachers

Lauri A. Hogle
Oakland University, USA

Caitlyn Bramble
University of Washington, USA

Citation: Hogle, L. A., & Bramble, C. (2020). Teacher agency through duoethnography: Pedagogical DNA in a community of learner-teachers. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 21(15). Retrieved from http://doi.org/10.26209/ijea21n15.


Through a duoethnographic study (Norris, 2008), Caitlyn, a newly graduated music educator and now masters student, and I, a seasoned music educator and new music teacher educator at Caitlyn’s alma mater, collaboratively explored the experience of preservice teaching from our divergent roles and generational perspectives. Seeking to understand development of music teacher agency, we entered into a process of duoethnographic dialogue journaling as a primary data source. Ascribing to the tenets of this innovative qualitative methodology, we created and interrogated interwoven dialogic narratives as we mutually investigated curricular approaches to and practices of the last year of preservice music education. The co-constructed process of duoethnography (a) enabled us to synthesize theory and research method with practice; (b) fostered development of professional identities through reflection within equitable and collegial relationships; (c) and potentially mitigated fears as each participant experienced emancipatory dialogue toward positive change, heightening music teacher agency.

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